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A review of a hosted ‘Quiz Maker’ solution by ProProfs.

We will first create a simple quiz using ProProfs quiz maker and then see what’s good and not so good about them.

Creating a Quiz with ProProfs Quiz Maker

Once you login to your ProProfs dashboard, you can start creating quizzes. Here is how the first screen would look like in the member’s area.


A quiz can be created from an existing template crowd-sourced from millions of other users, OR it can be copied from your existing quiz you may have created on ProProfs OR you can create a brand New quiz. We chose the 3rd option.


Give a name to the quiz and start adding questions and corresponding answers to it. 6 types of questions can be added namely Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, True/False, Fill in the blanks, Essay type or Matching. You can add media elements like videos and import questions from existing quizzes.


Once you have added all your questions, you can edit settings. ProProfs quiz maker comes with many options and allows you to customize your quiz at a granular level.


Quiz can be set to public or can be made private.


You get the option to customize the language for quiz buttons.


There are various settings and notifications alerts that can be configured. You can notify your own app via the API they provide. I can see ProProfs has provided exhaustive material on its site, if you want any help implementing API.


They also provide you the option to sell your quiz, whereby 90% of the revenues of your quiz would be yours to keep. You don’t have to fret about setting up a website, payment gateways or other complex programming. This can be a huge time saver for those starting out.


The entire look-and-feel of the quiz can be customized and branded to your liking.


The quiz created can then either be served to the user via a dedicated link like this or it can be embedded on a website, as shown below.

What’s good

  • They have more than 100,000 quizzes and assessments already made for you. You may customize them or use them as-is.
  • You can create unlimited quizzes, questions and have unlimited quiz takers.
  • There are comprehensive analytics report available for your quizzes. You can get average time taken, quiz popularity, location of quiz takers. The initial form can be customized and can be used as a lead generation form and can be integrated with your website to capture relevant information about a candidate.
  • You can analyze question difficulty to find topics that your quiz takers do not understand. This is my personal favorite.
  • Quizzes can be set as public OR private access only for those having a link OR private access only for those having a link and password OR private access for approved users & groups.
  • Quiz takers can be issued customized certificates with complete branding. This part can be made fully automated.
  • Business and Enterprise versions of ProProfs provide private user accounts whereby each learner gets his/her own username and password to access quiz. They can create question banks which can later be used to dynamically create quizzes.
  • Single-Sign-On and APIs are provided for easy integration with your CMS/LMS.
  • Being a hosted solution you don’t need to mess with quiz software updates, server maintenance etc. Focus on what you do best.
  • We found their customer support to be top notch. Any questions we had were promptly answered through the online chat widget present on their website.

What I wish could improve

ProProfs provides an awesome feature set. I have been fiddling with the settings on and off for past two weeks, here is what I think ProProfs can improve –

  • I wish ProProfs can make some sort of ‘vetted’ quizzes section in the 100,000 quizzes mentioned above. Since the quizzes and assessments are user created, we can’t be really sure of the quality.
  • There should be a centralized place for my quiz settings. For example, as of now if I need to brand my quizzes I need to go inside every quiz and repeat the steps. Rather there should be a default settings group where I can brand my quizzes and then an optional setting should be provided under individual quizzes.
  • I believe distracting social media links present on the header and footer should be minimized once a user enters the member’s area.
  • Edit Boxes where answers are entered need to be better. I took me a little while to figure out where my string has gone when I copy-pasted a long answer in the options box.


ProProfs Quiz maker solution is available in 3 flavors – Professional, Business and Enterprise and costs $9.97, $39.77 and $69.97 per month respectively (when billed annually). All plans are available with 7 days trial and comes with 30 days money back guarantee. [While trying to register, please enter ReviewOfWeb under “how did you hear about us section?”] Get registered here.


Here is a working demo quiz we created.

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