Well, as of now there is NO way you can rename a bucket in Amazon S3 but here is an extremely easy workaround to do that (moving all files from one bucket to another) – amazon s3 rename a bucket

  1. Download S3Browser (free) or any other Amazon S3 client that supports copying files.
  2. Configure your client by entering Amazon Access keys.
  3. Create a new bucket (with desired name. Make sure it is in the same zone as your earlier bucket. By default Amazon S3 creates bucket in US standard region.)
  4. Go to the bucket from which you wish to copy files/folders and select and copy the required files/folders.
  5. Go to the bucket you created in Step3. Right click and paste. You’re done.

Since data movement happens at server level there is minimal movement-time involved.  We were able to copy around 1 GB of data in less than 1 min.

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