The first webhost I signed up was Dreamhost which was around 4 years back – 2007. In the mean time, the portfolio of my websites grew and services imp
arted by Dreamhost went from worse to worst.  Though I still maintain an account on Dreamhost but I have now transferred most of my websites to Hostgator.

Having been with Hostgator for more than 9 months, here’s my review –

Courteous and helpful support

Whether you are an existing customer or someone who wants to become one, with Hostgator polite help is just a click away. They have a huge team of chat support specialists who are ready to answer all your queries ranging from basic to advanced. It would never take more than 2-3 mins of wait time before you can chat with a customer care exec at Hostgator. Compare that to Dreamhost, they only provide chat support to VPS and dedicated customers and even then at times it would take ages to connect. Moreover, I find the Dreamhost customer support way too rude to handle. The sentiment is echoed by two other friends of mine who are with Dreamhost. They have stopped using Dreamhost customer support altogether!

Servers that would never go down

I monitor all my websites using a nice service called AreMySitesUp. My sites hosted on Hostgator have been down for a total of 10 mins or so in the past 9 months. Compare that to Dreamhost where websites are down for an 1/2 hour on average (modest) in every 15 days. Sum that up and you get around 9 hours of average downtime for last 9 months! Which one will you choose? 10 mins or 9 hours?

Transparent with Statistics

Okay, when it comes to control panel user interface, I think Dreamhost is a clear winner. I find the Dreamhost control panel UI quite slick compared to the boring cPanel UI offered by Hostgator and most others shared webhosting service providers. Having said that, Hostgator’s cPanel offers you a quick glance over your real time RAM usage, CPU usage and number of concurrent processes running. This is something, which, for some reason beyond me, Dreamhost wants to hide from their customers.

Hostgator Stats

If I have to choose a new shared hosting provider today, I think I will ONLY go with Hostgator.

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