Given that our lives are becoming more and more dependent on gadgets and apps, backing up digital data is of paramount importance these days. Being always oBackupify vs Spanningn the internet comes with its own set of unique risks. Your account can be blocked for non-adherence to terms and conditions or it may get hacked or may be your service provider had a goof-up and all your data may get deleted.

I am a big fan of Gmail, till now I used to back it up in my outlook installed on my computer. However, I needed an effortless way which can work behind the scenes and back up my Gmail and other Google account docs in an effortless manner.

Backupify and Spanning are the two cloud based market leaders when it comes to back up for Google Apps and Gmail.

What they have in common  –

  1. Both provide automated backups for your Google Apps, GMail, Google Contacts, Documents, Google Drive, Google Chat.
  2. Both provide one click data restoration.
  3. Backupify provides a free 15 day trial while Spanning provides 14 days trial across plans.
  4. Both are known market leaders and have secured various certificates from security audit firms. We’re yet to hear any incident of data theft from either of these two companies.

How they differ (major differences) –

  1. Backupify provides two types of plans. Social media plans and Google Apps plans. Under Social media plan type, you can back up Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa etc accounts while Google Apps account is strictly used for a Google Apps domain. Spanning provides backup for Google Apps only.
  2. While Backupify plans for Google Apps are priced at $36/user/year, Spanning plans for Google apps are priced at $35/user/year. [Social media plans for Backupify starts from $59.88/year.]
  3. Under Google apps plan, while Spanning provide unlimited storage per user, Backupify provides 35GB of storage per user.
  4. Spanning takes two backups per day while Backupify takes a single backup of your account per day.

My Choice

Having used Spanning for more than 2 years now, I can vouch for Spanning backups whether it is for personal Gmail accounts or for Google Apps domain. It is one of those hassle-free services which you don’t have to remember to use and yet it is available for you whenever you need it.

Charlie from Spanning has assured me that even with personal Gmail accounts, we will be able to get all our data back, in case of account hack etc. [You can use spanning discount code MWBKWH to get $5 off/user/year on Spanning.]

Update: Don’t miss the official comments from Spanning and Backupify below.

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