It may sound simple but the direct URL to this site is neither available anywhere on the internet (or on reliancenetconnect site) and nor the Reliance World people know about it. Fortunately today I got a chance to speak with a very knowledgeable customer care executive, who provided this link.

The direct method to check Reliance pre-paid balance was discontinued in June 2014. You can now follow this method –

  1. Go to this link . Click ‘Register Now’ at the bottom right and fill in your details.
  2. You will get your password on the mobile number you registered in step above.
  3. Use the same link to login and enter your Reliance Pre Paid number to check your account balance.


What is the difference between Reliance netconnect core balance and account balance?

When your account balance gets exhausted, reliance netconnect will start consuming your core balance. Core balance should ALWAYS remain positive otherwise you will not be able to use your reliance data card even if you have sufficient account balance. Also note that, you can recharge your account balance online through sites like but you can’t recharge your core balance online. You need to visit Reliance shop in your neighbourhood to get core balance recharged.

Are you fed-up with Reliance dongle and looking for some other brand?

I have received many queries where readers are looking for better quality dongles. Reliance and Tata Photon were the early movers in data card market and launched around 2008-09. Since that time, the data card market has matured a lot and has seen a lot of players coming up with brilliant features. If I am buying a data card today, I would look for these features:

  • Data card should not be tied with a carrier. We should have a flexibility to use a SIM of our choice. (Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, Vodafone etc)
  • Data card should allow more than one person to connect.
  • Data card should support high download/upload speed and offer a good wifi range.

After conducting an extensive research online and offline, I have settled for these cards:

If you are on a budget, go for Huawei E8231 data card,  otherwise go for Huawei E5151 data card. In my opinion both these data cards provide excellent value for money and have all the features (and more) mentioned above.

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