The title pretty much describes it all; we at Review of Web took the time to check out some of our favorite Facebooks apps and pick 5 most valuable apps for your Facebook profile. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our picks.

1. Ayos iShare – File Storage

Ayos iShare Ayos iShare is definitely one of the best file storage application designed for Facebook. You can use it to store files, documents, videos, even MP3s and post them on your profile page or share it with friends. 2GB of storage is provided for your files, so you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of disk space — it is not as whopping as Google’s 7GB and counting enjoyed by Gmail users, but it is still more than enough. You can easily share brochures and samples to your digital products; great for attracting new customers and spreading the words.

2. SplashCast – Your Very Own Multimedia Channel

SplashCast SplashCast for Facebook is a platform designed to enable you to post videos, podcasts, and presentations on your personal multimedia Channel. It already has a lot of great multimedia contents, plus you can upload your own and compile them together into an appealing stream of contents that will attract friends and viewers. If you are running tutorial or how-to sites, or if you are selling books about certain topics, you can surely compile a nice preview and redirect viewers to the actual product.

3. 30Boxes Calendar – Events and Schedules on the Spot

30Boxes Calendar If you are already familiar with 30Box amazing features, you can now add similar features to your Facebook profile page. Use it to share events or schedules with your Facebook friends or list your upcoming promotional offers and share it with them.

4. Class Notes – ScanR to the Rescue!

Class Notes Want to share hardcopy documents with your Facebook friends? Use Class Note to help you without hassle. Use your phone’s camera to take pictures of documents and Class Notes will convert them into PDFs, ready to be shared on your Facebook profile.

5. SlideShare – (Claimed to Be) World’s Largest Presentation Sharing Community

SlideShare If you are sharing presentations and PDFs on a constant basis, SlideShare for Facebook will be the perfect application for you. You can upload documents and presentations to SlideShare to make it available for sharing with friends or embed them on your profile page.

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