Thesis Theme (also known as DIY Theme) is one of the best wordpress themes available out there. Not only it helps you creating good looking sites quickly but its inherent SEO capabilities ensure that you get the most out of search engines traffic.

To take this further and recognizing interest in the blogging community for DIY Theme, we are providing huge bonuses if you buy thesis theme using the using the step-by-step method outlined below. Our bonuses themselves are worth more than three times the cost of Thesis Developer option.

Here is the complete list of all the bonuses that are available:

Thesis Theme Customization Guide ($97 Value)
Once you buy DIY Theme, you would definitely need to customize the theme. This is where Thesis Theme Customization Guide would come handy.

  • 100 Page Guide in PDF format.
  • Basics things you need to know before Thesis theme customization.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • Thesis Theme Header customization
  • Thesis Theme Navigation menu customization
  • Thesis Theme Sidebar customization
  • Thesis Theme Footer customization
  • Thesis Theme Content menu customization
  • Thesis Theme Social Book-Marking customization

20 Easy WordPress Sales Page Themes ($197 Value)

MUST HAVE IF YOU PLAN TO BECOME AN INTERNET MARKETER. If you’re an Internet marketer who relies upon sales pages to promote your products, and affiliate looking to create some CPA landing pages, or having a dabble with  video squeeze pages, there are a number of themes you can use to achieve exactly what you are looking for.

A sales page theme is exactly what it says, a cut down version of a wordpress theme which is pre-formatted with bullets, testimonial boxes, h1 and h2 headings aswell as other nifty tools. It does away with links, headers and other distractions you may find on a standard theme, and concentrates on one sole purpose, helping you sell more.

How these wordpress sales page themes work is you just install them into your wordpress themes folder, and activate them inside the wordpress admin area. When you write a post or page, you simply choose from the pre-formatted options in the editor, and decide if you want a h1 header, h2 header, testimonial box or bulleted list, it’s really easy.

Time In Motion ($77 Value)

Your guide to time management. The #1 problem faced by all internet marketers. Discover in this eBook an action planner that will track those projects and keep them on time and get them completed once and for all. This is a ridiculously easy to use over and over again plan, use it for your projects for the rest of your life.
Look inside and make your business or personal life more organized and easier.

Secret Affiliate Cash ($97 Value)

How to make serious money online talks about Web 2.0 the latest wave of the internet and:

  • Blogging: the online journal craze
  • Social bookmarking: store, classify, share and search technology
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • How to win an affiliate war
  • 7 critical mistakes in affiliate marketing
  • And much more!

Work From Home Riches ($97 Value)

Discover What You Need To Do As A Self-Employed Work-At-Home Entrepreneur Before You Give Your Boss The Pink Slip!

What’s inside this report:

  • Perks of working from home
  • Which is better: being an affiliate or product owner
  • Have some seed money to invest where it’s needed
  • Get your mind in order
  • Get your life in order
  • And much more!

How to bookmark for free traffic? ($47 Value)

Learn more about social bookmarking – Besides social networks, social bookmarking is another key element of internet Marketing and directing traffic to a particular website. Social bookmarking is also important to individual users on the internet, such as the blogs written by you. It helps you guide more traffic towards your website.

Discover inside this eBook:

  • Internet Bookmarking
  • Using Social Bookmarking For Your Website or Weblog
  • Social Bookmarking Sites To Try
  • The Top Rated Social Bookmarking Websites

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to purchase Thesis theme and avail bonus mentioned above –

  1. Little Clean Up: Since you will be using our link to buy the Thesis theme, make sure that you have cleaned up all cookies of your browser. (This is to ensure that you don’t have a cookie of any other Thesis Theme affiliate residing on your browser). To delete cookies on Firefox, go to Tools > Options. Select Privacy Tab and click on remove individual cookies. (Arrow 1 as seen below) and then click Remove All Cookies button. (Arrow 2 as seen below) delete-cookies-firefox To remove cookies from Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options. Select General Tab and click Delete Cookies button.
  2. Some GK: As you may know, Thesis Theme comes in two flavors, Thesis Personal Option and Thesis Developer Option. The cost for these two options is $87 and $164 respectively. We would suggest you to opt for Developer option as that allows you to install Thesis theme on unlimited number of sites. Personal option is quite restrictive and it will allow you to install Thesis on one site only.
  3. Click Link: To get the bonus, click on this link and buy one of the themes as you would normally do. [This is THE most important step. You have to make sure that you have purchased the theme through our link only.]
  4. Order-Order: After completing the purchase select “Return to DIY Themes”.  You will get an email from PayPal confirming your purchase. Please note the TRANSACTION ID mentioned in this email. 
  5. Contact: Now contact us at with subject titled Thesis Theme Bonus, mentioning  1) TRANSACTION ID, 2) Name of the theme purchased and your 3) PayPal address.  Again, please make sure to have the subject exactly as Thesis Theme Bonus
  6. Confirmation: Within 48 hrs of receiving your mail, we will send you the $612 worth bonuse pack. Do keep an eye on your spam inbox, good emails often have a habit of landing in spam folders.

Buy Thesis Theme Now!

We wish you all the best for your purchase of THE MOST POWERFUL, USER FRIENDLY AND SEO OPTIMIZED WORDPRESS THEME out there.

PS: We are an affiliate of DIYThemes and with the new T & C in effect from 28/Feb/2010, we are no allowed to provide any cash rebate to new users of DIYThemes.


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