Registry Cleaner is a program which is designed with the intention to remove redundant and unwanted entries on the registry of the Windows Operating System. The registry of the windows operating system on its part contains information regarding various programs installed and settings configured on the computer. It acts like a one stop information source for the operating system to know more about the installed programs.

SometimesRegistry Easy though, it so happens that when a user removes a certain program from the computer, the uninstall program which is executed for the purpose does not completely remove all the entries about its existence in the computer system. Some of the details may be left over at the host system, either intentionally or un-intentionally.

The Registry cleaning software removes excessive and unnecessary information from the system’s registry and thereby improves the performance of the system. Registry cleaning software scans the registry and finds the invalid references and broken links within the registry. Once analyzed, the faulty entries in the registry are removed thereby reducing the burden on the operating system. Though there are arguments about the effectiveness of these programs, it is important to note that they do significantly un-clutter the registry and improve the system performance ever so slightly at the very least. For me, it has always resulted in increase of my systems performance whenever I have used it.

Registry Easy is one such registry cleaning software program which can be used to clean up the registry on a system running Microsoft Windows Operating system. The program uses its own algorithm which quickly detects invalid registry entries on the host computer and works towards repairing the same by automatically removing them.

The software is considered to be a significant improvement over other similar programs as a result of its abilities to automatically detect a large number of erroneous instances such as Windows Installer errors, Activex Errors, Errors in the start-up programs etc.

The software improves the performance of the system by removing the duplicate entries in the registry and also optimizes the system by indentifying and removing invalid class keys, DLL errors among many others.

Registry Easy offers a completely free online scanning option and can also be downloaded from its website on a free trial basis. Check it out.

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