If you are someone who wish to venture into domaining, affiliate marketing or even blogging, in all probability, the first thing you need would be your own domain. You identity to the online world!

I got a chance today to review  DailyBlogTips owner Daniel Scocco’s newly launched e-book “Killer Domains”. Daniel, has got a lot of experience in domaining, the effort he has put in learning this art shows through this ebook. 

This 55 page e-book is neatly divided into 7 chapters, [Well, don’t worry, out of 55 pages, 25 pages contain huge list of prefixes and suffixes. I am sure you won’t need any other help with *fixes ] He has given some great tips with real world examples of what works and what doesn’t, including where we need to have caution while buying a domain. It pretty much covers all aspects of domaining like acquiring, managing, parking, selling etc. I don’t think, I would need to look for help outside while increasing my portfolio of domains. Also included are the links for free tools for researching domain names.

An excerpt from the book

renew your domain for a longer period…search engines like Google and Yahoo! use the domain registration length to determine the trust level of the website…spammers tend to get rid of their domains pretty fast, while serious website owners take a long term approach.

Well I won’t say more, as it may lead to divulging the finer details of the book.

It is modestly priced at $17. In a rare case if you find this book didn’t meet your expectations, it comes with a full money back guarantee. You just need to shoot an email to daniel AT dailyblogtips.com

My rating 9/10 

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