The Observer is back with another great post, just for you! We at Review of Web are participating in Daniel Scocco’s Daily Blog Tips Group Writing Project: 2009 in Review, and we took our time to pick 20 of the best web applications available in 2009. Let’s get crackin’ shall we?

1. Adobe Photoshop Online |

Online Photo Editing, Online Photo Sharing - Photoshop.com_1259926455868 Photoshop has been the most intuitive photo editing software for years, and Adobe is now launching an online version of this amazing software to help you edit, manage, and share photos online. You can upload images to your account and edit them using web interface very similar to the offline version of the software, and then share them with friends and colleagues.

2. CurdBee |

Online Billing Software & Invoicing System - CurdBee_1259926536109 If you are looking for a solution to manage invoices without hassle, CurdBee is the place to go. You can create and send invoices to customers and input confirmed payments as you go. The site offers easy, fast and secure online billing experience.

3. MediaFire |

Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire_1259926437408 Looking for a reliable place to host your files? MediaFire is definitely worth checking out. This web app is very simple for everyday use but offers a lot of features even advanced users would really love. Use it to host your files and share them with visitors or friends.

4. ReInvirogate |

Reinvigorate_1259926768725 ReInvirogate is the new way of tracking your site’s performance. Forget about old-school tracking scripts; ReInvirogate will give you so much more than just the amount of visitors coming to your site.

5. HowCast |

How To Videos on Howcast - The best how to videos on the web_1259926925193 Publishing you own how-to videos or looking for one about any particular topic? Visit this video streaming site specializing in how-to videos.

6. Moodstream |

Moodstream Moodstream by Getty Images is an online collaboration platform for designers and creative workers. You can brainstorm ideas and search for images, footages, and audios at the same time.

7. AWebber |

Email Marketing Software, Email Newsletters and Autoresponders by AWeber_1259927140533 Email marketing is definitely one of the oldest tricks in the book, and what could be best than managing your entire email marketing campaign from a single intuitive and comprehensive web application, right?

8. Wufoo |

Wufoo - HTML Form Builder - Free Contact Forms & Online Surveys_1259927375925 Need web forms but don’t have HTML coding skills? Wufoo will build them for you in no time at all.

9. Carbonmade |

Carbonmade - Your online portfolio._1259927387454 Carbonmade is basically an online portfolio platform that you can use to show off your work. It is probably the easiest way to display your portfolio online and attracts more clients.

10. Backpack |

Intranet, Group Calendar, Small Business Organizer- Backpack_1259927653335 Share information with your team using Backpack’s online intranet platform allowing you to manage your documents, discussions, and schedules in one place all the time.

11. Google Wave |

Google Wave - Communicate and collaborate in real time_1259927641032 Although the app is still in preview, Google Wave is definitely one of the best future online collaboration platforms available.

12. Celoxis |

Celoxis - Online Project Management Software Tool - Web Based IT Project Management System - Enterprise Project Tracking Solution_1259927798361 Another online collaboration and project management platform designed to help you handle big projects with ease.

13. Evernote |

Welcome to your notable world - Evernote Corporation_1259928306542 Need to carry your notes all the time? Visit Evernote and find your problem solved instantly; the iPhone and mobile interface of this web app will enable you to access your notes anytime, anywhere.

14. Meebo |

meebo.com_1259929043494 Multinetwork instant messaging platform is the new hype, and Meebo is definitely offering one of the best web-based IM available.

15. Emusic |

Music Downloads, MP3 Downloads, MP3 songs from eMusic.com_1259928675230 Care for some nice tunes? Visit Emusic and find virtually any song you are looking for.

16. Netflix |

Netflix DVD Rental, Movies Streamed Online, DVD & Blu-Ray Movie_1259928847986 If movies and TV series are what you love, let Netflix stream them to your computers instantly.

17. | Search Engine - Better Web Search_1259928877090 No more unanswered questions; you have hosting answers to countless possible questions you may be asking.

18. Zoho |

Email Hosting, CRM, Project Management, Office Suite, Document Management, Remote Support, Intranet, Customer Support Forums_1259928888869 Zoho has transformed from a simple collaboration platform into a full-featured web productivity suites; you can do virtually anything with Zoho’s line of web applications.

19. Backpack |

Intranet, Group Calendar, Small Business Organizer- Backpack_1259927653335 Project management, collaboration, and task software provided by Backpack are definitely one of the best available.

20. Google Docs |

Google Docs Tour_1259928378961 This web app may seem simple, but simplicity has always been Google’s strong suit. Edit documents and share them with colleagues swiftly.

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