Daniel from Daily Blog Tips has recently launched Online Profits – his latest venture which promises to teach you A-Z about online businesses. It is touted as the Most Complete Internet Marketing and Online Business Training Program.

Since it’s the first time it would be conducted, it is difficult to pass any judgment about the efficacy of this program but given the impressive line-up of mentors this program for sure looks promising. Acc to Daniel, online profits is a conglomerate of experts from their respective fields who will be teaching you the ins-and-outs about internet and related businesses. Personally, out of 10 there are 5 known faces among the mentors.

This six month long program is open for new members till Jan,16th only and comes with a price tag of $48/month. Also, it comes with a money back guarantee whereby if you choose to leave the program within the first 30 days you would be issued a full refund- no question asked. Here is the complete list of programs they promise to teach.

Module 1: Introduction and Business Principles
Module 2: Domain Names
Module 3: Setting Up Your Website 
Module 4: WordPress
Module 5: Web Design for Entrepreneurs
Module 6: Business Models
Module 7: Choosing Your Niche
Module 8: Blogs
Module 9: Other Types of Websites
Module 10: Web Content and Copywriting
Module 11: Basic SEO
Module 12: Advanced SEO
Module 13: Generating Traffic
Module 14: Social Media
Module 15: Web Metrics
Module 16: Selling Advertising
Module 17: Email Marketing
Module 18: Affiliate Marketing
Module 19: PPC (Pay-per-Click)
Module 20: Landing Pages
Module 21: Selling Your Products

Check out the complete details @

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