A guest article by by Jennifer Huang

Bluray discs are not that strong as it is claimed. Bluray has a deadly innate defect where data resides very close to the surface of Blu-ray disc. The top of the substrate is just 0.1mbluraym beneath the cover layer surface, which means the substrate itself is 1.1mm thick. A slight crack as thin as a piece of hair could be destructive, let alone a finger print which would totally be a disaster.

I appreciate and even applaud for the supreme audio/video quality presenting by Bluray discs, but I just cannot afford such a fragile technology.

Even there are companies producing hard coating for Bluray disc, such as TDK, Sony and Panasonic. It seemed that you have to pay extra money for this remedial and awkward technology. Hard coating technology had been applied a couple of years ago, when Bluray was not as popular as today. I bought the Bluray discs at the end of 2009, when all Bluray discs were supposed to be scratch-resistant but my Bluray discs are so vulnerable to scratches.

Another proof that Bluray disc is easy to break with careless scratches is from Netfilx customers, which is the largest DVD and Bluray renting service by mailing. Below is one of charges against the easy-to- break Bluray from a Netflix member.

At that time… 75% of blu-ray discs I received had the crack. Right now I’d saw about 50% of the blu-ray discs I get are cracked. It seems to be less so for newer releases, but not always.
Just in the past month or so, it seems every Blu-Ray disc Netflix sends me has PERMANENT PHYSICAL scratches on the “scratch proof” coating. Since the actual data is right underneath this, this of course causes playback to freeze and the disc to be unwatchable.”
On some titles, I am on my fifth attempt to get a playable title from Netflix, yet I continue to receive Blu-Ray discs with these strange scratches that render the disc unplayable.

Netflix has started to raise the rates on Blu-ray plans by $1 per membership which apparently means that Netflicks is trying to pass the cost of frequent disk replacement over to the consumers.

Here I am not trying to attack the cutting edge Blu technology, but I am trying to say the truth and the real story happened to Bluray owners like me.

I myself have bought 30 plus Bluray Discs from Amazon since 2009, but one third of them do not work properly! Some of them freeze from time to time while playing and some others do not play at all! They cost hundreds of bucks! Sounds like a wallet vampire!

Frustration, however, does not help a thing when data lost due to tiny scratches. Bluray disc’s easy-to-break squandered trust and expectation of so many customers like me. And we cannot put our costly movie or data at the mercy of delicate BluRay thing.

To protect data on the costly Bluray discs, hard coating is just a remedial technology demanding extra payment. The best way to guard Bluray movie or data against accidental damage is to backup onto computer.

How, you may wonder, can I backup a Bluray disc?
Well, there are Bluray Rippers of various brands available in the market. You can get one with any search engine you prefer. The most powerful feature of a Bluray Ripper is to help you to make a full Bluray disc copy to your computer without any quality loss. Even if your Bluray disk damaged you can still enjoy the movie with Power DVD after you created ISO images with the files you have backed up on your computer.

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