I was looking to integrate chat box in one of my landing pages. Being a fan of Google and its services, I got this Google talk chatback badge that is simple to maintain Gtalk Website Chat Widgetand it allows me to talk right from my Gmail without installing any client or opening any browser.

So far so good, what’s the issue?

The problem lies with the message that shows up, when your visitor clicks the link to chat with you. Here is what it has to say:

You are chatting with an unidentified user. Be careful what you discuss.

Now, I understand that the user visiting my site is not my friend and should be advised to bear restrain.

But why am I(the site owner) an unidentified user? Doesn’t Google have all my credentials with them?  I think it looks quite a negative message and carries negative connotations with it. Probably it could be changed to:

You are chatting with someone who might not be in your friend list. Be careful what you discuss.

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