For the uninitiated, Google Adsense for domains is a program from Adsense that allow publishers to place adsense on undeveloped domains. The idea behind this is to let user find related relevant information rather than 404’s and also let the publisher make some money from the clicks that get generated on undeveloped domains. Till sometime back, this program was only available to big domain name registrars and domain parking companies like Sedo, Godaddy etc.

What can be termed as a big decision, Google is now opening up this program for all publishers. Most of the terms and conditions that are applicable for normal adsense usage are applicable for Adsense for domains too. Check TOS. Here are some quick facts about Adsense for domains program-

  • A maximum of 1500 domains are allowed per publisher.
  • It won’t work like normal adsense where we can just copy and paste the code. You need to modify your DNS settings – like CNAME and ANAME Record. Here are the complete Instructions for major Domain Name Providers.
  • You can’t use Google adsense for domains with any other Google service. For example, you can’t use Google Apps and Adsense for domains on the same domain. Though adsense for domain on and Google Apps service on (sub-domain) should be fine. Refer.
  • With this program, you can change the look and feel of your entire page (not only the adsense ad) right from your adsense account. Some of the options available are- adsense-for-domains
  • With adsense for domains you have the option to provide keywords. The keywords provided by you may be used while targeting ads. While specifying keywords make sure that you don’t give conflicting keywords for ambiguous domain names. For example if your domain name is, then either enter keywords that refer to fruit apple or enter keywords that refer to the company apple. But not to both. Refer some more hints.
  • Here is a quick start guide on Google Adsense for domains.

As of now this program is only available to US publishers. Considering Google’s past record with such releases, it should be available to non-US publishers within 6 months.

Now why it can sound death bells to domain parking companies?

Most of the domain parking companies use ad feed from Google, Yahoo or Ask. Domain owners flock to them just because they want to utilize their unused domains and make some money out of it. The money made from such ads is divided between Google, domain parking company and publisher. With the introduction of this program, the middle-men (domain parking companies) can be easily cut. Thus making more moolah for a publisher. I guess in coming future these domain parking companies would get reduced to a market place or an escrow service provider for domain buyers/sellers.

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