Yes, The Observer and Review of Web crews are back for our second part of holiday shopping list. We have 5 items on our list so far, including BlackBerry Bold and Nintendo DSi, and we are going to add 5 more items to the list. Shall we start?



5. IPEVO Kaleido R7

IPEVO Kaleido R7 is the digital photo frame you would want to get this holiday. Yes, it may be a little expensive, but the sleek design of this product as well as its features makes it worth every penny. Kaleido R7 has exceptional display quality, capable of displaying photos at best quality. Built-in Wi-Fi and 512MB internal memory are also part of the package. I literally spent days trying to find something wrong with this digital photo frame, and the only thing I can find is this product’s slightly premium price tag.

image4. Garmin Nuvi 265WT

Garmin’s Nuvi 265WT is among the cheapest free-traffic-equipped navigation systems, and it is on our shopping list, definitely, because of its wide 4,3” screen, Bluetooth speakerphone capability, solid design that will make it look good mounted on your dashboard, nice text-to-speech and voice-guided navigation system, and of course its user-friendly touch interface. Priced at sub-$300 — you can even find Nuvi 265WT sold at $150-$200 after discounts and rebates — Garmin Nuvi 265WT holds the highest value-for-money score in its class.

image3. Sony Bravia XBR9 52-inch LCD HDTV

OK, we know that the XBR10 series is better, especially with LED backlight, but the $5,000++ price tag makes Sony’s top LCD HDTV product rather unsuitable for our holiday shopping list. We don’t just blindly go for features; we calculate value-for-money as well. In this case, we decided to go with Sony’s largest XBR9, the Bravia XBR9 52-inch LCD HDTV. Comes fully-equipped with 240MHz Motion Flow refresh rates, Internet widgets, and an impressive 100,000:1 contrast ratio with all the vibrancy you would expect from Sony, with only $2,000 on its price tag, are what make this product a fabulous living room companion.


2. IPod Touch 3rd Generation

IPhone is great, but we personally opted for iPod Touch instead for our holiday shopping list. Why? You’ll see ;). With unrivaled bright and crisp screen, and a choice between 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB of internal storage, iPod Touch is a fabulous portable media player indeed.

image1. Motorola Droid

And for our number one item: Motorola Droid. With Android 2.0 as its operating system, this is the first phone that can actually compete with Apple’s iPhone and has a strong chance of winning. With large — the largest in mobile phones so far — LCD touchscreen, 5-Megapixel camera, and long battery life, this is the dream phone you should get your hands on.

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