Adsense below the post title is known to give good CTR(Click-Through-Ratio). Here is how you can add adsense ads below every post title, only on inner pages and except the home page of your blog. [Yes, in a safe way!]

  1. Go to Dashboard > Edit HTML.
  2. Click on ‘Expand Widget Templates’.
  3. Search for <div class=’post-body’> and place your adsense code below this line.
  4. This is the most important step. Inside your adsense code’s <script type=’text/javascript’> and </script> , replace every occurrence of
    • < with &lt;
    • > with &gt;
    • with &quot;
  5. You should NOT change the < and > around script type=’text/javascript’ and /script.
  6. To show your adsense only on the inner pages and not on home page, add <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’> before the adsense code and </b:if> after the adsense code. You can also add <center> tags to center align your ads.
  7. The final code should look like this.

Regarding code changes that I have done, no need to worry about Adsense TOS violation. I have asked my Google adsense representative and according to her as long as any page’s source shows the same code as you copied from adsense account there is no problem. You can verify this by going to your page where you have put adsense. Right click and View Source (in IE) and View Page Source (In Firefox). Of course if you want to double verify this, you can always check with your adsense rep.

For those interested in testing and knowing which ad unit would perform best for them, can refer this excellent post on A/B testing from official adsense blog.

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