125*125 banner

125*125 banners have become the standard on internet. Browse out a blog or a webmaster related site and you can be sure to locate this size of ad.

People generally resort to expensive designers or forums like DP to get their banner designed. Here I have got something different. Free125cards. This online banner creation tool allows you to create a 125*125 banner for free.

From start to finish the service take less than 2 mins to design a banner. They have neatly categorized the banners in 11 colors. Once you pick a color and a template, it will prompt you to ‘Personalize’ where you can customize your text with different sizes and fonts.

I would say it’s an extremely valuable resource for small time webmasters, or guys starting out with a blog.

Pretty cool. Check out now.

Also check BannerFans. It gives you many customizations like size, text color and font.

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