An excusive and exhaustive list of hand picked tools for bloggers. The inclusion of articles and sites would be on an ongoing basis. You might want to bookmark this for future reference.

Create a Back Up of your blog

Blog Back Up Online: A great free resource. Works for blogspot as well as wordpress users. blog back up online

Free Photos for your blog

Free Photos for blog from SXC One of the best source for royalty free photos.

Free photos for blog from istockphoto istockphoto

High quality free photos from HP image

Huge list of free photography sites

Free icons for your blog

Website Icons image

Web2.0 like free icons from FreeIconsWeb image

Create a free logo for your blog

Logos from CoolText image

Web2.0 Styler image

Create those 125*125 ads free

Free 125 Banners image


Image Editing

Picasa image

To enlarge or shorten image use the ‘Stretch and Skew’ option present under ‘Image’ in our very own MS Paint (Windows user 🙂 )

Track your website visitors in realtime Maps Amung

With you get to see exactly where your site visitors are from – live! These maps update themselves on your site without having to reload the whole page

Check your website rankings on major search engines, the easy way

Google Position Checker Simply Enter a URL and get its current position on Google Search Engine.

Page RankChecker

Pagerank Checker Tool in over 700 datacenters You can check your blog’s PR across 700 datacenters. Handy tool during those freaking PR updation days.

How to check fake page Rank Check if the Google Page Rank for a particular site is fake. This can be especially useful for those who are into buying and selling domain names.

Site Statistics Tools

Sitemeter: Simple and nice interface.  Sitemeter

StatCounter: Similar to sitemeter but have an advantage that you need not show it’s icon on your blog which is mandatory in case of sitemeter. StatCounter

Google Analytics: Best, but for geeky guys. Otherwise all the options might confuse you. Google Analytics

SEO for Firefox by Aaron Wall: Quickly check your Page Rank, Yahoo Links, edu links, Alexa, DMOZ status, BOTW and what not. Highly recommended. SEO for Firefox

Grammar Checking Tool: Good writing creates an lasting impression. Don’t let your bad grammar let you down. If you are not sure about grammar skills. Check these blogs.

Check for speeelling and grammar mistaked image

40+ Tips to Improve your Grammar and Punctuation – Dumb Little Man image

Find out who is hosting a website The best service of all. You can even drill down to find how many other websites are hosted by this person. image

Who is Hosting This? Nice intuitive and easy to remember name, incase you forget the one given above.  image

Find out how a website is made.

Web Technology Profiler Will tell you the technology used to create a site. built with

Test your websites in diferent browsers and mobile phone

Test your web design in different browsers – Browsershots Nice tool to check the layout of your blog in different browsers and their versions. image

Check your site on mobile phone image

Check your Robots.txt for errors Excellent tool to check and validate your robots.txt file. Very Impressive. Robots.txt

Web Directories

DMOZ: Open Directory: Considered to be one of the best web directories. Only negative point is the moderators are very slow to respond. It can days weeks even months before your site gets included.  DMOZ

Free Directory List:Contains exhaustive list of free web directories.

Free Websites Template image

Determine your internet connection speed image


Download entire website on your computer

Webaroo Download entire website on your computer.  Webaroo

Learn blogging.

Problogger A great source to learn about blogging

Daily Blog Tips Again nice blog on blogging. Daniel- the author is always ready to help you(even on IM’s)   DBT

Yaro Starak Go over any ‘A’ lister’s blog, you will find them recommending his blog mentoring program. For sure, he must be doing something right.


Learn PHP:PHP For the Absolute Beginner

How to install and learn PHP

For Blogspot Bloggers

Some useful tips to increase your traffic image

Recent Comments Widget For Blogspot Users with Source Code

Web Hosting Coupons

Best Web Hosting Discount Coupons

Email Address To Image Converter

Convert your bots readable address to human readable address and avoid spam Must have for every blogger. You have to give give away your address some or the other time on your website. Finally do away with those (at) and (dot)

WordPress Add-In

125 x 125 advertising plugin for wordpress: Not so talked about. 125*125 banners are hot and the best plugin to cooly manage them.


A nice list of adsense Alternatives If unfortunately you get kicked out of adsense or denied entry into it.

Should you find a tool/site worthy of being included above please mention in the comments below


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