There is no dearth of options available for iPad covers and styluses. I searched for long on the web and various online portals and finally zeroed-in on these two. (Since I’m in India and these products were not available here, I got them through a US based friend travelling to India.)

splash SIGNATURE Folio case – Covers for iPad normally fall in two categories. Either they would be functional OR they would be beautiful (yes it’s a subjective term). It would be hard to find one that looks great on your beautiful iPad yet is great on functionality. This cover satisfied both these criteria. It looks great, has iPad sleep on-off mode, keeps my iPad firmly protected and also comes with 3 resting angles.


AluPen as a stylus – Purchased AluPen after reading this article by labnol. A leather cover for stylus was also included with the package.


Additionally I also purchased a  Screen Protector Film by ACase . This was purchased mainly due to the positive reviews on Amazon.


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