Inside Adsense – the official blog of Google Adsense is following its new year resolution to the T.  In the first of its kind post, the adsense team has come up with a post on Behind the scenes of scheduled maintenance. They have given a nice explanation on how maintenance happens and what all goes in the background. Here is my favorite excerpt from the post…

Some of you have noticed that impression and click stats appear a bit low after we bring the AdSense site back online, wondering if maybe AdSense maintenance is used to change data to affect your earnings. That’s a theory I’m happy to debunk: this discrepancy is actually a reporting artifact, occurring because we pause stats tallying during our maintenance period. After resuming, our reporting systems have to digest all of the accumulated impression and click logs, and there’s a lot of data! It takes the reporting systems a little while to process the logs, but rest assured that once we get the chance to catch up, the reports will reflect all of the impressions, clicks, and earnings that occurred during the maintenance period. If you’re concerned about the stats you’re seeing, we recommend checking back throughout the day as your reports are updated.

Looking forward to more such posts from the team. Source

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