How to find color of any web page, image or a pixel in a second?

Something I was looking for a long time. Instant EyedropperFind Pixel Color

With the help of this tool you can identify the color of any web page, any image, literally anything that can be accessible from a desktop. This freeware comes in a 415KB exe file. For me it took less than a minute to get installed.

Quite easy to use, it gets into your system tray bar as a image icon. You simply need to left click, hold and drag mouse to the required place you want to check the color for. As soon as you will release it, the color goes into system clipboard from where you can copy the color later.

Not to miss resource for any webmaster. That’s Web 2.0 for me. Download it now.

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8 thoughts on “How to find color of any web page, image or a pixel in a second?”

  1. Wonderful! Exactly what I was looking for. I need the color code to change the background color in Twitter but just couldn’t get the right color code using FireWorks MX.. I got the color I want within a minute using this Instant Eyedropper.
    Thank you so much…

  2. I was searching for something of this sort to solve m y problem of getting the color code of a page. It really gets on your nerves when you cannot find what you are looking for. But when I got this tool, can you imagine in less than 3 mins, I had it downloaded, installed and had exactly what I was looking for! So simple to use I thought it wouldn’t work but it did! We want our problems solved with the simplest things ever. Thanks guys for this tool

  3. Works great, nice tool for any designer. BUT does not have multi monitor support. it picks color of my main monitor not my secondary. Which is unfortunate because, i keep my design programs on my main and my browser on my secondary, where i do most my picking from. Good tool though.

    1. Exactly what I needed. Works great on a dual monitor configuration as well.
      Easy to use and sets up within seconds.

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