How to embed flash files in blogger?

Want to embed flash file in blogger? Here is a simple work-around. We assume you don’t have any hosting account to host your files.

  • If you are on blogger that means you have a Google Account which enables you to access Googlepages. This is the place where you need to upload your swf files (flash files). Googlepages allow space upto 100MB, this much space should be sufficient for your flash files hosting needs.
  • Now copy the code given below in your favorite text editor.
   1: <object> 
   3: <param value="" rel="nofollow" name="movie"/> 
   5: <embed 
   6: width="160" src="" rel="nofollow" height="600" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> 
   7: </embed> 
   9: </object>

  • Replace with the full path of your googlepages A/C. So if your Google A/C email is and file name is apple.swf then this part of the URL should become
  • If you just want to serve the flash file on your blog this will be enough and you can skip the next 2 steps. 
  • But, if you are serving flash file as an advertisement on your blogger blog then you will need a clickTag. The swf files use the clickTag method to get the landing page URL. Replace clickTAG= with the landing page of your advertiser.
  • So the value of src should become , if you are serving this as an advertisement and should become if you are just showing this on your blog with no landing page.
  • Last but the most important part is that you should never forget to use type="application/x-shockwave-flash" while embedding any flash file. If you remove "type", though firefox will show up correctly but IE6 will not render anything.
  • Now place this code in "Configure HTML/Javascript" widget of blogger.
  • All Done!
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18 thoughts on “How to embed flash files in blogger?”

  1. that’s a plugin called “Insert Code Snippet”…you can add this as an add-on if you are using Live writer as your WSIWYG editor…get it from the live writer gallery

  2. oh yeah, I also heard this…probably you can try now. This service also provide some space for attachments.

  3. oh yeah, It is only for get swf on web, Do you tell us something about how to put flv on web?
    It is said that it is some thing difficulty with it.

  4. I followed your steps and I achieved to embed the banner, but it’s not ‘clickable’, i mean, the landing-to-another-page-thing isn’t working… :s

    Any ideas of why this happened to me?



  5. How come when I upload my flash file to google pages. it’s URL is huuuge and has like every letter of the alphabet?

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